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Location Bugs is a Southern New Jersey based Film and Event location scout firm offering national and regional locations.
A marketplace that personally connects filmmakers, individuals and agents looking for the prefect set with property owners looking to rent out their space for production.
Location Bugs aims to make the location scouting process faster, and easier.  Call us today to describe your prefect location and let our bugs search for you.

Are you seeking 1400 acres for a paintball weekend, or a small event involving a few dozen people? How about a global event involving 500,000+ spectator competitions? Location Bugs understands what it takes to make a great impression.


Whether you're planning a small private party, fundraising, corporate sponsorships, or marketing and media awareness, we take care of scouting the creative  locations, planning, implementation, management and execution of securing your event location.

Do you need a better understanding of the real estate market in a specific city, county or town?   Do you need to know the value of a property after a construction rehab  for your corporate, media or individual research?  Learn the local culture prior to filming.  Are you looking to make a personal move? Let Location Bugs analyze the market for you.  Do you need a Real Estate agent for a purchase, sale or tour of a town and or city?  Locations Bugs are ready to supply you with the national research you need.

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